Zoo 4 Changelog

4.0.2 (November 20, 2020)

  • Fix system plugin installation error

4.0.1 (November 20, 2020)

  • Fix author select button on item edit view

4.0.0 (November 18, 2020)

  • Add support for YOOtheme Pro content sources and templates
  • Add Group element to provide repeatable fields
  • Add option to include items from subcategories in category views
  • Add basic custom field support for Joomla importer
  • Add tags import for Joomla importer
  • Add category field mapping for Importer
  • Add cross app support for Related Items element
  • Add additional image type support for Application icons
  • Add default item order setting to Related Items element
  • Change option values to no longer be sluggified
  • Change Google Maps element uses Algolia Places for geocoding
  • Remove Addthis element
  • Remove IntenseDebate element
  • Remove obsolete Social Bookmark and Social Button services
  • Fix deleting items if type does not exist
  • Fix combining item ordering with core fields and custom elements
  • Fix permission inheritance for applications
  • Fix check for element`s access level on item edit
  • Fix check for item's access level on items view
  • Fix saving comments in comments view


  • Fixed PHP 7.4.x compatibility


  • Added Akismet spam/ham reporting
  • Removed Mollom integration
  • Moved the Toggle Routes Cache action to the Component Options view
  • Fixed Application ACL asset association


  • Fixed changing item state with quickicons


  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in Admin Controllers (Thanks to Jose Antonio Rodriguez Garcia and Phil Keeble from MWR InfoSecurity)
  • Fixed missing menu item in Joomla administration


  • Added category:save event
  • Fixed PHP 7.2 deprecated use of each() function


  • Fixed create_function() conversions


  • Fixed edit layouts links


  • Fixed PHP 7.2.x compatibility


  • Fixed rendering issue on iOS devices


  • Updated installation sql for GTID consistency compatibility
  • Updated URL validator regex
  • Fixed use https:// in google geolocate API


  • Fixed keep current protocol in canonical links
  • Fixed use API key in google geolocate


  • Fixed bug using PDO database driver
  • Fixed error in demo package installation (J3.7)
  • Fixed gallery slideshow element

3.3.25 # Fixed PHP 7 warning # Fixed UIkit 2 templates # Fixed alpha-index in UIkit 3 themes 3.3.24 ^ Updated UIkit 3 templates ^ Updated module positions when using a YOOtheme Pro template (ZOO demo package) 3.3.23 + Added UIkit 3 templates for ZOO modules # Fixed layout positions configuration # Fixed modal behavior in administration 3.3.22 + Added new core element Item Primary Category + Added UIkit 3 templates for all apps 3.3.21 # Fixed select author in item edit # Fixed closing of modals # Fixed ACL check for new items

3.3.20 # Fixed error in creating application (J3.6) # Fixed ajax saving of permission rules 3.3.19 # Fixed error in loading configuration (J3.6) # Fixed alignment of category image business app # Fixed declaration of constructor zoosearch 3.3.18 ^ Updated loading gravatar images # Fixed encoding errors on non-utf8 folder/filenames # Fixed setting system value for robots metatag # Fixed positions.config in default template for download app *** SECURITY UPDATE*** # Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerabilities 3.3.17 # Fixed push/pull classes in uikit templates for cookbook, movie and business # Fixed invalid ID in textarea 3.3.16 + Added defaultvalues for core submission fields + Added Poster image to HTML5 video ^ Updated mediaelement.js to 2.20.1 ^ Redirect to login page if guest user has no access to submissions ^ Removed J25 reverse compatibility # Hide image link on print page # Fix image alignment on mobile module ZOOitem # Fixed full screen display video iframes # Fixed wrong class name in UIkit template renderer for movie App # Fixed missing controls attibute in media element # Fixed select author in item edit 3.3.15 ^ Itemcategory element's submission view adapts in height + Updated EU countries list # Fixed submissions.css checkbox/radio for UIKit app templates # Fixed Twitter oAuth, using API 1.1 # Fixed Submission redirect after saving # Fixed Print element button display 3.3.14 # Fixed shortcode plugin issues 3.3.13 + Added images and links to Joomla importer ^ Removed index.html files from ZOO folders # Fixed thumbnail cache 3.3.12 # Moved images cache folder to media 3.3.11 # Fixed App install security restriction introduced in Joomla! 3.4.5 # Fixed Item Feed date display 3.3.10 # Fixed canonical links 3.3.9 # Fixed item routing 3.3.8 # Removed open/unclosed </div> from cookbook UIkit template # Fixed missing render layout warning # Fixed use of protocol-relative urls in Google Maps and AddThis element # Fixed Google Maps element HTML validation # ZOO source files can now be symlinked # Fixed frontpage editing for non super users # Improved item routing fixing some potential issues 3.3.7 # Fixed application template switching 3.3.6 + Added item:save event # Fixed query issues rised with previous release 3.3.5 ^ Added cloak toggle parameter for Email element ^ Added item:changeorder event # Fixed alignment in UIkit template # Fixed submission deleting bug for users without joomla 'can delete' permission # Fixed submission access levels # Fixed documentation link # Fixed Options element empty values check # Fixed itemaccess element submission validation 3.3.4 # Removed Item Access element as orderable option # Fixed UIkit template display issues # Fixed zoosmartsearch to no longer trigger an error if iconv is not present # Fixed spotlight missing assets # Fixed 1-Click Updates issues 3.3.3 + Renderer minor improvements # Fixed content plugins triggering 3.3.2 + Gallery Element + Image Element Lightbox and Spotlight feature + Link Element Lightbox feature 3.3.1 # Recovered index.html file creation in some areas # Fixed j25 compatibility issues 3.3.0 + 1-Click Updates support + default layout of an newly created app set to 'uikit' + added frontpage shortcode + added shortcode output param ^ removed index.html files from ZOO folders # fixed usage of special chars in item names # avoid errors display if the item is of unrecognised type # fixed category:delete event name typo # fixed comments email links generation 3.2.4 # fixed item deleting 3.2.3 # improved backward compatibility for 3rd party extensions # changed _respond.php input to button element for comments submission for UIKit templates # fixed rating bug # fixed image alignment in UIKit template for product app 3.2.2 # fixed update script 3.2.1 # fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility # fixed submission hashes 3.2.0 + added frontend editing for comments and items (ACL) + added ACL # fixed submission security settings # fixed UIkit templates comments headline markup 3.1.6 # fixed missing matchHeight function Comments' Module Bubbles style 3.1.5 # updated UIkit icons markup to UIkit 2.0 3.1.4 + added zoo:initApp event # fixed mysubmissions pagination renderer # fixed CSV export of checkbox elements # fixed K2 importer 3.1.3 + added Joomla 3.2 compatibility ^ changed the feed order to publishing date # fixed update notifications in PHP 5.4+ # minor uikit theme fix # fixed size of image select box # fixed element access issue on search # fixed "show empty categories" for individual categories setting 3.1.2 # fixed problem with Publish Down Element submission not accepting "never" 3.1.1 # fixed mysql index problem 3.1.0 + added # items filter to pagination views (Joomla 3.0) + added UIkit templates to all apps # fixed user edit route in items view # fixed link element submission "open in new window" by default # fixed conflict issues with JViewLegacy and other components 3.0.13 # fixed a php notice on single submission view # fixed bug with Joomla 3.1.0 RelatedItem element on submission 3.0.12 # fixed Joomla importer 3.0.11 ^ refactored "Clean Database" function ^ updated jQuery to 1.9.1 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.10.1 ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.10.3 # fixed use of default values on submission (media element) # fixed issue with deleting tags # fixed issue with category/tag module showing wrong links 3.0.10 # fixed jQuery 1.9 compatibility 3.0.9 + added option to show Captchas for guests only # fixed pagination on mysubmissions view # fixed item category submission (required state) ^ moved sh404SEF plugin to separate Joomla plugin ^ updated jQuery to 1.9 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.9.2 ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.10.1 3.0.8 # fixed date display in items list view # fixed issue with item counting introduced in 3.0.7 3.0.7 # fixed rss feed link # fixed issue with category assignment (submission) # fixed issue with limiting related layout (Related Items Element) 3.0.6 ^ improved Google geocoding, by trying to geocode during item save + added application:configparams event (3rd party developers) # fixed "Add Item" not clickable on MySubmissions view (iOS) # fixed Smartsearch indexer (Joomla 3.0) # fixed Joomla import (trashed categories are no longer imported) # fixed Joomlamodule Element (doesn't show none published module any longer) 3.0.5 # fixed Select Element submission # fixed settings on GoogleMaps element # fixed issue with element position assignment 3.0.4 + added chosen.js to category select field (item/category edit view) + added Joomla textfiltering to frontend submission 3.0.3 # fixed problem with slug generation # fixed problem with deleting codemirror editor 3.0.2 + items in the item view can now be found via alias + the rating element now has an option for Googles Micro Data ^ ZOO allows for unicode slugs/aliases now # fixed Joomla 3.0 conversion related bugs # fixed problems prev/next buttons 3.0.1 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.9 ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.9.4 # fixed Joomla 3.0 conversion related bugs 3.0 + added "Save As Copy" button on item edit + added Joomla 3.0 compatibility - removed Joomla 1.5 compatibility

Использование Widgetkit 2

Выберите Widget

Выберите Widget

Widgetkit позволяет создавать пользовательский контент или выбрать типы содержимого для WordPress постов и статей в Joomla. Вы можете выбирать из целого ряда различных виджетов методы для отображения контента
Создание контента

Создание контента

Добавить один элемент или выбрать несколько элементов одновременно с помощью медиа-библиотеки вашей CMS. В настройках виджета есть только одна вкладка, так что вы можете настроить свой виджет на лету.
Управление виджетами

Управление виджетами

Диспетчер виджетов отображает все виджеты в списке. Здесь вы можете создавать новые виджеты или редактировать, дублировать и удалять существующие. Чтобы вставить виджет в статью, нажмите на его название и шорткод будет создан