List Widget

The List widget displays content inside a list of items. You can set different positions and styles for your content.

List Options

List Options Settings Description
Line Seperate the items with lines
Striped The list items are striped.
Space Display the lines only with space
Media Options Settings Description
Media Display Display the image or video of all items.
Media Image [Number] Set the width and height of the image in pixels.
Media Alignment Top, Left, Right Define the image alignment.
Media Alignment Center content vertically.
Media Border None, Circle, Rounded The appearance of the images inside the list.
Content Options Settings Description
Text Display Show or hide title and content.
Text Title Size Default, H1, H2, H3, H4, Extra Large Define the font size of the title.
Text Truncate [Number] Define the maximum number of characters.
Link Display Display the Read More link. The link URL is added to each item in the Content Manager.
Link Color Link, Muted, Same as text Set the color of the Read More link.
General Options Settings Description
Custom HTML Class [Text] Set a custom HTML class that will be added to the widget element in the rendered output.
Custom Link Target Open all links in a new window.