VMuikit Х Changelog

  • Support for VMCustom field (textinput) added
  • Fixed the Autofill issue traced in cart page coupon field on few devices
  • Custom product content source list sorted alphabetically in ascending order
  • Small typo errors fixed in code lines


  • Support for Custom Filter PRO (3rd party extension) added
  • Minor issues fixed in product custom source


  • Dynamic layout feature added for VM Thankyou page
  • Fixed the shiptoaddress fields validation issue in "VMuikitx Onepage Checkout"
  • Fixed the product main image modal size issue in "VM Product details" template
  • Fixed the "VMuikitx Onepage Checkout page" popup modal close button issue
  • Fixed a small bug related to the warning message issue in "VM Product details" template
  • Fixed the language string issue for custom fields title in "VM Grid" element
  • Fixed the default virtuemart script error messages issue.
  • Tested with Yootheme 2.4.6 and Virtuemart 3.8.9


  • Tested with Yootheme 2.3.27 and Virtuemart 3.8.8
  • Added various dynamic sources (Weight,Height,Width,Length,Units,Minimum Purchase Quantity for VM Product Details dynamic content
  • Fixed cart module bug due to function removed from Virtuemart 3.8.6
  • Minor issue fixed in one page checkout
  • Small layout issue fixed in VM search module


  • Tested with Yootheme 2.3.25
  • Support for payson payment added
  • Minor issue fixed in one page checkout
  • Layout issue fixed in cart popup module


    Tested with Yootheme 2.3.21 and Virtuemart 3.8.7Multi language translation issue fixed
  • Language support for German added in one page plugin
  • Width issue fixed in review star in mobile
  • Following new fields added in "Product" Source
    • Availability (when Products Out of stock are orderable)
    • Price (Integer) - We can choose all available price type
    • Payment extra info (ex - paypal express button)
    • Shipment extra info

Changelog Version: 10.0.10

  • Tested with Yootheme 2.3.14.
  • New param "Load featured products only" added in "Custom category" Source
  • Following Custom source added :
    • VM Related Products
    • VM Related Category
    • VM Category Sorting Filter
  • Following Custom source moved under Multiple Items Source:
    • VM Sub Category
    • VM Product Gallery
    • VM Popular products from Active category
  • Captcha issue fixed in ask a question form.
  • Pagination issues fixed.
  • Warning issues fixed
Changelog Version: 10.0.9
  • Tested with Yootheme 2.3.12.
  • Support for 3rd party extension (Break Designs Custom Fields For All ) added
  • Minor issue fixed on custom category dynamic source
  • Alignment issue fixed on product reviews
  • Warning issues fixed
Changelog Version: 10.0.8
  • Major issues fixed for Yootheme 2.3.4 version.
  • Support for debitmandate (SEPA) payment added.
  • New Element "Category product filter" added to filter products in Top category
  • New param added to set Itemid to manufacturer link
  • Notify button issue fixed.
  • Minimum text in product rating issue fixed.

Changelog Version: 10.0.7

  • Manufacturer link issue fixed in product dynamic source.
  • New User Registration layout breaking issue fixed .
  • Duplicate product removed from virtuemart front page.
  • Warning message removed.

Changelog Version: 10.0.6

  • VM Grid - New element added to support more virtuemart fields in grid layout
  • Added Override feature for dynamic fields ( Product Addtocart, Product price, Product stock, Product reviews, Custom fields, Category image and Manufactur image )

Changelog Version: 10.0.5

  • Warning message removed from all layouts
  • Ask Question layout issue fixed in mobile device

Changelog Version: 10.0.4

New fields added in product custom source

  • Product Review
  • Ask question
  • Custom badge from VM custom field.

Changelog Version: 10.0.3

  • No-image updatd in product and category dynamic source
  • language issue fixed in category dynamic source

Changelog Version: 10.0.2

  • New Custom Source Added - Popular Product from category
  • New Field (Stock Level Integer) added in product custom source
  • Language issue fixed in cart module
  • Cart product not loading in popup issue fixed

Changelog Version: 10.0.1

Initial Release - VMuikit X (10.0.1) Beta Version