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YOOtheme Pro Sonic 1.6.0

YOOtheme Pro Sonic

  1. YOOtheme Pro Sonic, версия 1.3.9

    1.3.9 (March 01, 2017)

    ### Added
    - Add background image option for all section styles
    - Add gutter and breakpoint option to description list element
    - Add text color setting to headline, module / widget and panel element
    - Add on hover box-shadow option to image element
    - Add support for heading hero
    - Add display link option to list element
    - Add image box-shadow option to panel and grid element
    - Add receiver icon to social icons
    - Add gradient support to divider, icon, navbar, progress and subnav

    ### Changed
    - Use JS solution for transparent headers

    ### Fixed
    - Fix image background position center for sections
    - Fix responsive breakpoints for Quarters 1-2-1 row layout
    - Fix display image option in list element
    - Fix modules/menu items staying checked out after edit (Joomla)
    - Fix mod_menu apply additional params (Joomla)
    - Fix image transparency issue on resize
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