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  1. YOOtheme Pro Max, версия 1.1.5


    - Add max width option for grids in the builder
    - Add option to open links in new window for all list elements
    - Add smooth scrolling to links with URL fragments for all elements
    - Add sidebar.php layout file (required by WooCommerce)
    - Add icon alignment option to button element
    - Add icon option to list element
    - Add link muted as style option to button element
    - Make builder element templates overridable in child-theme (/builder/{element}/template.php)

    - Update Bootstrap layer (Joomla)

    - Make transparent header work with section styles
    - Remove possible horizontal scrollbar during animations
    - Fix font-smoothing after animation for Webkit
    - Fix textarea border for minimal style
    - Fix z-index issue for mobile dropdown menu
    - Fix asset urls within installations using custom ports (WordPress)
    - Save button on Menu/Module edit (Joomla)
    - Ignore compression setting in customizer mode
    - Access check on builder page (Joomla)
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