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  1. Обновление Widgetkit 2

    ### 2.3.0

    - Added slideset widget
    - Added slider widget
    - Added parallax widget
    - Added folder content provider
    - Added filter option to show all items
    - Added option to use a second image as overlay to widgets
    - Added option to open all links in a new window
    - Added option to close first item initially to accordion
    - Added option for the kenburns duration to slideshow
    - Added option for the content text size to slideshow
    - Added vertical gutter option to grids
    - Added button link option to all widgets
    - Added gutter medium option to grid widgets
    - Added responsive tabs for filter nav
    - Added meta data support for content providers to grid widget
    - Added ZOO reversed ordering
    - Fixed media breakpoint option in all widgets
    - Fixed button functionality when creating a new widget
    - Fixed content keeping when switching the widget-type of an unsaved widget
    - Fixed HTML tags for image alt attribute
    - Fixed maps.js for IE10/11
    - Fixed ZOO ordering
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