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Widgetkit 2 WP 2.7.7

Widgetkit 2 WordPress

  1. admin_forum

    - Fixed Zoo mapping issues
    - Fixed 1-Click Updates issues


    - Added multiple media select with shift-key (J)
    - Added filter sorting + uppercase for filter words
    - Added title auto-format after add media
    - Updated responsive behavior of grid-stack
    - Fixed missing language folder (J)
    - Fixed heading margin-bottom in gallery
    - Fixed customizer in WordPress
    - Fixed double animation parameter in grid-slider
    - Fixed get item option for php 5.3


    - Added title and title size option to accordion
    - Updated custom field override priority
    - Fixed navigation position option in switcher
    - Fixed social button alignment in all widgets
    - Fixed lightbox link in gallery
    - Fixed jumping to top of the page when clicking the Widgetkit button
    - Fixed multiple media fields and its meta data
    - Fixed thumbnail calculation in slideshow
    - Fixed broken Joomla cache for ZOO (J)
    - Fixed autofocus for content title


    - Added translation support
    - Added gallery widget with lightbox
    - Added grid-slider widget
    - Added accordion widget
    - Added dynamic grid and filter options to grid widget
    - Added new overlay and image animations to all widgets
    - Added image resize options to all widgets
    - Added option to use an alternative image as thumbnail
    - Added support for CKEditor
    - Added Widgetkit shortcodes for text widgets (WP)
    - Added custom field mappings for content providers (WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Zoo, K2)
    - Added marker cluster option for map widget
    - Added badge field to grid widgets
    - Added better overlay link to all widgets
    - Added support for PCRE versions pre 7.0
    - Updated all widgets according to UIkit 2.17.0
    - Optimized all widget options
    - Fixed zoomwheel setting for map widget
    - Fixed directions setting for map widget