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  1. ZOOlanders ZOOcart 3.3.16

    ZOOlanders ZOOcart 3.3.16

    - Added Tooltips on address form inputs
    - Added Joomla Menu heading support
    - Fixed price rounding
    - Fixed email sending for completed orders
    - Fixed tax issue introduced in previous release
    - Fixed PayPal callback url and improved logging
    - Fixed zlux assets loading
    - Fixed user input on backend subscription form
    - Revised and improved checkout calculations
  2. ZOOlanders ZOOcart 3.3.15

    ZOOlanders ZOOcart 3.3.15

    - Fixed issue during payment change
    - Fixed AddToCart assets loading
    - Fixed email sending for PHP mailer
    - Fixed translation
    - Fixed PricePro in submission
  3. ZOOlanders ZOOcart 3.3.14

    ZOOlanders ZOOcart 3.3.14

    - Added automated User Groups assigning on successful purchase
    - Added product price Access Level support
    - Added shipping and payment variables for email templates
    - Added order:comment_added event
    - Fixed issue with wrong price element detection in multi currency mode
    - Fixed duplicating entities in the backend settings on save
    - Fixed shipping fee with disabled shipping rates option
    - Fixed form validation issue
    - Fixed Order preview issue
    - Fixed Guest User...
  4. ZOOcart 3.3.13


    Версия 3.3.13

    - Added refund and voided statuses for PayPal
    - Added email validation for address form
    - Added CSV/Excel export of orders
    - Added user notes short tag for email
    - Added Billing Address custom mapping option
    - Fixed using multi select element on address form
    - Fixed new subscription initial date range
    - Fixed subscription status definition on merge
    - Fixed user groups option for admin emails
    - Fixed styling for print order views
    - Fixed assets path for USPS plugin
  5. ZOOcart 3.3.12

    Версия 3.3.12

    - Added option to hide inbuilt login form
    - Fixed issue applying Tax rules for certain ZIP codes
    - Fixed Tax update in Cart when using multiple taxes
  6. ZOOcart 3.3.11


    ### 3.3.11

    - Fixed guest checkout when SEF is disabled
    - Fixed update script from release 3.3.8
  7. ZOOcart 3.3.10


    - Added error description if PayPal validation is not verified
    - Fixed issue with default tax and tax calculation
    - Fixed PayPal issue because of new required header to validate IPN
  8. ZOOcart 3.3.9


    - Fixed Variations data when there is no element on layout
    - Fixed overriding of checkout_shipping layout
    - Fixed PayPal duplicating IPN
    - Fixed VIES VAT validation
  9. ZOOcart 3.3.8


    ### 3.3.8

    - Added PayPal and PayPal Pro error description
    - Fixed Guest Checkout when sh404 (3rd party) is enabled
    - Fixed minor Variations issues
    - Fixed minor issues with product Stock
  10. ZOOlanders ZOOcart версия 3.3.7


    ### 3.3.7

    - Added PayPal log option
    - Added support for max hits for discounts
    - Added subscription persist and saved events triggers
    - Added deferred subscriptions support
    - Updated order processing message output
    - Updated subscriptions behaviour
    - Changed payments block showing condition
    - Fixed Subscriptions column output issue
    - Fixed currency issue on payment plugins
    - Fixed variations issues
    - Fixed Order history records ordering
    - Fixed Orders list pagination limit box