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YooTheme Pro Changelog

Этапы эволюции. Список изменений и улучшения функционала фреймворка YooTheme Pro


  • Fix missing RTL stylesheet


  • Fix background video height in sections
  • Fix Javascript error when using multiple map elements in builder
  • Fix wrong locale no-NO in language files


  • Fix missing builder elements
  • Fix "Pro Layouts" tab in layout library


  • Add overlay element to builder
  • Add gallery element to builder
  • Add switcher element to builder
  • Add more fields and options to accordion element
  • Add row column settings in builder
  • Add tile component to style customizer
  • Add 25 site and 11 admin localizations
  • Add support for RTL languages
  • Update outdated CSS when opening customizer
  • Fix menu style setting in widget element (WordPress)
  • Fix "Preview all UI elements" disable on style change
  • Fix rendering of additional menus in navbar with layout Stacked Center Split
  • Fix loop youtube videos
  • Fix PageBuilder button in IE 11


  • Fix transparent header behaviour
  • Fix builder in Firefox


  • Fix "sticky on up" behaviour in Navbar


  • Disable 'Visual' Editor button on page edit view (WordPress)
  • Fix JavaScript error in frontend
  • Fix navbar groups center left/right in IE 11
  • Fix alt attribute for images in grid element
  • Fix blockquote inverse color in fjord style
  • Fix panel animations in customizer (WordPress)


  • Fix transparent navbar overlay
  • Fix widgetkit compatibility (Wordpress)


  • Add background image option for all section styles
  • Add gutter and breakpoint option to description list element
  • Add text color setting to headline, module / widget and panel element
  • Add on hover box-shadow option to image element
  • Add support for heading hero
  • Add display link option to list element
  • Add image box-shadow option to panel and grid element
  • Add receiver icon to social icons
  • Add gradient support to divider, icon, navbar, progress and subnav
  • Use JS solution for transparent headers
  • Fix image background position center for sections
  • Fix responsive breakpoints for Quarters 1-2-1 row layout
  • Fix display image option in list element
  • Fix modules/menu items staying checked out after edit (Joomla)
  • Fix mod_menu apply additional params (Joomla)
  • Fix image transparency issue on resize


  • Fix Grid element
  • Fix library layout saving
  • Fix Maps element
  • Fix custom menu widget rendering (Wordpress)
  • Fix saving widget settings (Wordpress)


  • Fix images in pro layouts overview
  • Fix justified dropdown menu item
  • Fix Media Picker (Joomla)


  • Fix module select in builder (Joomla)
  • Fix finder module advanced mode (Joomla)


  • Fix builder issue with empty value


  • Show builder toolbars in footer
  • Add menu style setting for menu modules/widgets
  • Add image align bottom option to panel and grid element
  • Update UIkit to 3.0.0 beta10
  • Fix Google Fonts in font picker
  • Fix social icons wrapping if navbar is centered
  • Fix content change check on articles with tinyMCE 3.x (Joomla)


  • Gradient field for style
  • Fix scrollspy animations
  • Fix content change check on articles with tinyMCE (Joomla)


  • Update German language file (administration)
  • Update UIkit to 3.0.0 beta9
  • Removed Custom dropdown width for single navbar items
  • Fix Google font subset loading in IE
  • Fix start/end level menu module setting (Joomla)
  • Fix comment submit button style for iOS (WordPress)
  • Fix Media Picker in frontend (Joomla)


  • Update UIkit to 3.0.0 beta8
  • Revert header split menu behavior
  • Check replace layout option by default
  • Fix IE compatibility
  • Section xsmall variable in style customizer
  • Fix dotnav inverse variables
  • Fix hidden title field for panel and grid element


  • Add layout library
  • Add UIkit theme to style customizer
  • Add German language file (administration)
  • Add panel fields and options to grid element
  • Add meta field and options to panel element
  • Add image card and content style options to panel element
  • Add option for overlapping sections with richer graphics
  • Add more section height options
  • Add gradient support to button, card, overlay and section
  • Add background-image support to section
  • Move content settings into their own tab for panel element
  • Move animations to grid items for grid element
  • Fix logo centering for split navbar header layout
  • Fix image alignment in panel element
  • Fix order option for breakpoints in builder rows
  • Fix uploads in Media Picker (Joomla)
  • Fix error messages in Media Picker (Joomla)
  • Add missing video dimensions for video sections


  • Add german language file
  • Update UIkit to 3.0.0 beta6
  • Fix module/widget list style
  • Fix maps element (WordPress)


  • Add inverse box-shadow options to button element
  • Fix customizer settings (WordPress)


  • Update UIkit to 3.0.0 beta5
  • Fix viewport height issue
  • Fix IE + Edge compatibility


  • Fix Jetpack compatibility (WordPress)


  • Add inherit to typo options in style customizer
  • Add font-style option to meta text in style customizer
  • Fix IE + Edge compatibility


  • Fix builder sorting
  • Fix UIkit icon image path
  • Fix preview module positions (Joomla)


  • Add pagination option to toggle Start/End links (Joomla)
  • Update leaflet to 1.0.2
  • Update dropdown nav in max style
  • Update default code, pre and blockquote style
  • Change global border-radius behaviour in all themes
  • Change default value for zooming/dragging option in maps element
  • Adapt customizer style to latest WordPress version (WordPress)
  • Fix card component hover transition
  • Fix image paths for divider and list icons in fuse and horizon style
  • Fix WooCommerce gallery thumbnailview for WooCommerce 2.7+ (WordPress)


  • Add box-shadow option to image element
  • Add x-small padding to section options
  • Optimized CSS selectors for inverse mode
  • Renamed UIkit internal image variables
  • Update pagination output
  • Fix form border for inverse mode
  • Fix link style for inverse mode
  • Fix blockquote footer color for inverse mode
  • Fix badge focus style
  • Fix categories count in article view (WordPress)


  • Renamed styles to website name
  • Fix style parsing
  • Fix navbar decorative line in Safari
  • Fix module/widget list style on sections


  • Fix asset cache breaker (Joomla)
  • Fix inline style/script order (WordPress)


  • Update Module/Widget builder element select
  • Fix double initialization (WordPress)


  • Add list options for modules/widgets
  • Fix builder sorting
  • Fix navbar behaviour
  • Fix resizing of images with non-alphanumeric characters
  • Fix map element with hidden markers
  • Fix render menu widgets (WordPress)
  • Fix labels in navbar item edit (WordPress)
  • Fix child-theme module overrides (Joomla)


  • Updated "Read more" translation
  • Customizer route redirects to login for guests (Joomla)
  • Fix z-index issue for map elements
  • Fix Module/Widget builder element settings
  • Fix builder refresh issue (WordPress)
  • Fix code syntax highlighting
  • Fix compatibility with Advanced Module Manager extension (Joomla)


  • Fix edit template style (Joomla)


  • Add button text style mode
  • Add border option to dropdowns and subnav pill
  • Add typo options to blockquote footer
  • Add more text alignment options for modules/widgets
  • Add option to hide category title on archive view (WordPress)
  • Add border bottom option to headerbar top
  • Minor UIkit theme modifications
  • Fix category multi-column order (Joomla)
  • Fix dropdowns in customizer mode (WordPress)


  • Fix WordPress 4.7 incompatibility issue
  • Fix featured article parameters (Joomla)
  • Fix title on edit modules and menu items modal (Joomla)
  • Fix check for api key (Joomla)


  • Launch Page Builder from article edit (Joomla)
  • Add front-end editing if page builder is active (Joomla)
  • Add layout options for blog and posts
  • Add title options for modules/widgets
  • Add headline style line to elements
  • Add preserve color option for primary and secondary sections
  • Add x-large padding to section options
  • Add dashboard quickicon for website builder (Joomla)
  • Refactored system pages and modules/widgets
  • Split element component into divider, heading and link component
  • Primary and secondary sections now adapt the text color automatically
  • Mark menu-item as active if current page is a sub-page of the menu-item (WordPress)
  • Page Builder button opens builder directly (WordPress)
  • Fix sidebar wrapping if grid gutter is none
  • Fix element settings if previously saved empty
  • Fix WooCommerce styling
  • Fix missing alt attribute for intro images (Joomla)
  • Fix widget selection in builder (Wordpress)
  • Fix codemirror overflow in front-end editing (Joomla)
  • Fix module blank style
  • Resetting style variables shows save button


  • Set form radio background to transparent in material uikit style
  • Fix icon ratio and color in list element
  • Navbar item options (WordPress)
  • Map element (WordPress)
  • Scroll behaviour on page refresh


  • Add max width option for grids in the builder
  • Add option to open links in new window for all list elements
  • Add smooth scrolling to links with URL fragments for all elements
  • Add sidebar.php layout file (required by WooCommerce)
  • Add icon alignment option to button element
  • Add icon option to list element
  • Add link muted as style option to button element
  • Make builder element templates overridable in child-theme (/builder/{element}/template.php)


  • Clear cache button added
  • Pass through video url parameters (video element)
  • Saving a layout won't show the builder's save button
  • Show default social icon if service is unknown
  • Menu widgets (WordPress)
  • Element sorting in builder


  • Fix theme updater (Wordpress)


  • Fix builder on empty article (Joomla)


  • "New" button for menu items and modules (Joomla)
  • Update Google Fonts list
  • Optimize drag style for builder elements
  • Optimize changelog style
  • Fix element animations delay
  • Fix image element svg width/height
  • Fix duplicating social icons bug (WordPress)
  • Fix builder output with Joomla cache enabled
  • Fix custom class on module/widget element
  • Fix child themes (WordPress)


  • Add WordPress support
  • Add grid element to builder
  • Apply content plugins/shortcodes to Builder output
  • Fix builder element default values
  • Fix click behaviour on item links in navbar
  • Fix builder row layout edit
  • Fix iconnav test


  • Fix regression with Google fonts


  • Add fixed width option for grids
  • Add decorative line for navbar items
  • Add divider small style
  • Add border mode top, left and right to style components
  • Add box-shadow option to form and offcanvas
  • Add more style options to blockquote and card badge
  • Improved variables ordering in style customizer
  • Improved preview loading
  • Customizer "cancel" no longer resets builder changes
  • Make heading bullet work with text align
  • Fix initial missing Google font variant and language settings
  • Fix section default values
  • Fix "Export variables" button disabled state
  • Scrollspy animation classes are no longer applied to the row
  • Joomla Module element respects its module's settings


  • Add large option to section width
  • Add xl alignment breakpoint for text align in elements
  • Fix administration style
  • Fix error on closing panel with editor, before value is set
  • Fix always respect blog columns setting, preventing full-width articles
  • Fix populate image alt attribute with filename if no alt text is set
  • Always respect the blog columns setting, preventing full-width articles at the end
  • HTML tags will no longer be stripped from footer elements


  • Significant speed improvement for style customizer
  • Catch error with builder element
  • Fix cancel button behaviour


  • Add box shadow options to style components
  • Add 100% width option in module template settings
  • Move image/video options for sections into their own panel
  • Optimized box-shadow picker
  • Optimized preview loading
  • Fix default values in builder elements
  • Fix variable names in style customizer
  • Center social icons in header modal
  • Fix builder toolbar (Safari 10)
  • Fix page class output
  • Fix .row-striped styling (bootstrap)
  • Fix css minification


  • Wrap custom js code in try/catch block
  • Optimize variable groups in style
  • Rename search border radius variable
  • Update UIkit components after css injection in style preview panel
  • Fix style group ordering
  • Fix media manager in debug mode (Joomla)
  • Fix text color option if navbar is transparent
  • Fix UIkit tests if boxed page layout is set


  • Add border and typo options to style components
  • Add border mode to style components
  • Add background and border options to slidenav and totop style component
  • Allow for css/custom.css in child theme
  • Allow to add style via child themes
  • Minify theme CSS
  • Load minified UIkit
  • LESS updates accordion to UIkit
  • Optimize UIkit tests
  • Optimize variable groups in style
  • Rename subnav, tab and breadcrumb item variables
  • Prevent background repeat for section images
  • Fix card media border-radius
  • Expand main section to fill the viewport if needed
  • Set default style to minimal
  • Load bootstrap framework
  • Builder row layout select (Safari 10)
  • Template module positions preview (tp=1)
  • Fix bootstrap input resets
  • Fix Codemirror style


  • Fixed image indicator if color field is none
  • Fixed minor UI issues


  • Fixed style font picker
  • Fixed child theme select
  • Fixed builder being active on offline login
  • Fixed modules/menu items stay checked out after edit
  • Fixed temporarily preview scrollbars in Firefox
  • Fixed preview box-shadow


  • Fixed modules rendering bug
  • Fixed offline mode in preview


  • Fixed Joomla URI handling


  • Initial Release